Powerful, Safe, Based on NASA Technology

Air Oasis’ powerful yet environmentally friendly air cleaning technology was first developed by NASA to allow vegetables to grow in space labs. Air Oasis has improved these systems. Learn More
The original PCO air cleaner technology was developed by NASA to reduce ethylene gas on space stations, thus prolonging the life of fresh produce.Learn More
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Breathe clean with new-generation freshness

Install Air Oasis air purification and you’re getting the leader in advanced photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) air and surrounds cleaners. That’s because, unlike other PCO air cleaners, our proprietary patent-pending Nickel HCT TM catalyst technology neutralises up to 99.7%* of pathogens and impurities – without leaving toxic VOC by-products. Improving on NASA-developed technology, Dr Nabarun Ghosh and his team of scientists at West Texas A&M University have developed an advanced form of PCO called Advanced Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation. Put simply, the extreme reactivity of this process produces a blanket of friendly negative ions. These sanitise air and minimise airborne microbes being deposited on surfaces, without producing harmful residues. With Air Oasis air purification you’re getting the same oxidising and ionising benefits created naturally by the sun.

Air Oasis’ patent pending Nano catalyst air quality technology neutralises up to 99.7% of airborne microbes and allergens that are ultimately deposited on surfaces, without the use of chemicals and harmful VOCs.
Air Oasis harmlessly neutralises the toxins and gases responsible for prematurely ruining your fruit, vegetables, flowers or other organic produce.
Air Oasis air quality systems deactivate up to 99.7% of the viruses, bacteria, allergens, mould and harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that multiply in crowded spaces.
Air Oasis greatly reduces toxic airborne microbes and other pathogens that can be deposited onto seats, equipment, merchandise, registers and countertops.